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Business strategy

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Our business strategy has five key objectives: 

Skills innovators – leading edge products and services that are in demand 

Learners for life – growth of learners through pathways from school to industry and beyond supported by flexible and tailored service 

Skills partner – growth of employers through whole-of-workforce development and tailored solutions 

Smart, agile, and truly customer centric – systems and processes that are smart and efficient, and deliver value to our customers 

People with attitude – passionate about our customers and empowered to deliver. 


Journey to a post-RoVE customer-centric world

Our strategy has been updated to continue our established journey to true customer-centricity while embracing our new commitment to the Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE). 

While we are actively preparing for a post-RoVE world, our focus remains on being a true skills partner to our customers, delivering world-class skills by understanding whole-of-workforce needs, supported by innovation. 

We know what it takes for our learners to succeed and we fully support them to do so. 

We live our RoVE guiding principles to seek the best outcomes for our learners, employers and staff. Throughout, our people are empowered to make this happen.