New products and industries

To ensure our qualifications keep pace with rapidly-changing technology and automation, address critical industry skills shortages, and meet the needs of our learners, businesses and industries, Competenz is engaged in continuous product innovation.


Our team regularly reviews existing qualifications and creates new qualifications, both in response to changing industry needs and to comply with NZQA’s five-yearly review requirements.

2019 saw changes introduced in fire protection, health and safety, metal forming, forestry, print and packaging and locksmithing. An existing qualification was also tailored to meet the specific needs of two industries new to Competenz, protective coatings and prefabricated housing manufacturing.


Passive fire installation qualification created

In addition to our full fire qualification suite, the New Zealand Certificate (NZC) in Passive Fire Protection Installation –  Level 3 was successfully launched in late 2019.

It aims to benefit building owners and occupiers, the insurance sector and the general public by providing skilled people who will be responsible for ensuring the correct and compliant installation of passive fire protection systems.

The training programme, which can be completed in 12-18 months, is a combination of practical and theory learning to develop both knowledge and skills.


New health and safety qualifications launched

Competenz has developed two new workplace health and safety programmes to keep employees safe and levies low. The new Level 3 and 4 programmes are designed to equip learners in all industries with the knowledge and skills needed to operate safely in a range of New Zealand workplaces.

The programmes are flexible, so can be adapted to the health and safety risks within each business, and can help companies validate their commitment to responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

The New Zealand Certificate in Workplace Health and Safety Practice – Level 3 is designed for people who are working or intending to work in a New Zealand workplace.

Staff with responsibilities for health and safety functions as part of their primary role are encouraged to complete the New Zealand Certificate in Workplace Health and Safety Practice – Level 4.

The programmes have been developed in partnership with three providers to ensure participants get top quality health and safety education. They feature core compulsory units and have a large range of electives to choose from.


First year of locksmithing qualification open for enrolment

A new programme was developed for the New Zealand Certificate (NZC) in Locksmithing – Level 4, in 2019. However, a reliable block course provider could not be established, so the launch of the full qualification was delayed.

Through consultation with the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia and locksmithing employers, we developed an interim solution so there is a programme open for enrolment while the qualification is reviewed. This saw Year 1 of the New Zealand Certificate opened for enrolments.

We have carried out extensive consultation with industry to ensure a long term solution can be confirmed in 2020.


New metal casting qualification

The New Zealand Certificate (NZC) in Metal Forming – Level 4 for metal casting, was successfully launched in late 2019.

Competenz developed this four-year programme through consultation with the metal casting sector for learners in that industry.

It includes a mixture of online and on-job learning structured to meet the skill requirements of the qualification.


Two forestry micro-credentials released

Competenz launched two forestry micro-credential certificates in 2019 which offer bite-sized training opportunities.

The Plant Plantation Trees – Level 3 micro-credential sees forestry workers certified for the knowledge and skills required to select and prepare a planting site; use correct tree planting techniques; understand risk management and emergency response, planting job prescription requirements and quality control requirements. Designed for seasonal workers, workers on temporary visas, and those new to planting, the certification ensures they receive recognition for their skills and knowledge.

The Forestry Environment – Level 3 micro-credential consists of three unit standards and covers the generic forestry entry requirements by certifying knowledge of factors affecting the performance of forestry workers; general requirements for health and safety; and environmental requirements.


Print Industry qualifications reviewed

In line with NZQA’s five-yearly mandatory review of qualifications, the following print industry qualifications were revised.

  • Reviewed New Zealand Certificates (NZCs) in Binding and Finishing – Level 3 and 4 including the complex apprenticeship programme.
  • Reviewed New Zealand Certificates (NZCs) in Fibreboard Packaging – Level 2 - 4 including the complex apprenticeship programme.

The revision resulted in no changes to the qualifications. Competenz has engaged with industry to carry out a unit review in 2020, which may result in minor changes to the qualifications.


Manufacturing qualification introduced to new industries

Competenz launched its New Zealand Certificate in General Manufacturing – Level 2 to two new industries in 2019.


Prefabricated construction

Competenz partnered with PrefabNZ, BCITO and other key industry stakeholders to launch formalised qualifications and training pathways for the New Zealand prefabricated construction sector.

The New Zealand Certificate in Manufacturing – Level 2 is the entry-level qualification now available for people employed in prefabricated manufacturing. This NZQA-recognised national certification is the starting point on the pathway to building skills and knowledge workers need to perform at their best.

This certification gives the prefabrication manufacturing workforce the opportunity to gain recognition under the New Zealand qualifications framework and provides them with valuable transferable skills.


Protective coatings

Competenz is also pleased to see the protective coatings industry added to its gazetted coverage by NZQA during 2019. The NZC in Manufacturing – Level 2 with integrated protective coatings unit standards was designed to ensure learners can work safely, prepare surfaces properly, apply coatings and use the right type of equipment in a protective coatings environment.

Level 2 manufacturing is aimed at entry-level workers, the full certificate takes between six and twelve months to complete.